Driven by a passion for design Payal launched her bespoke design studio in 2011.

Having studied Fashion at the London School of Fashion and Interior design at USL, Payal was able to collaborate all the aesthetics of design in her creations. Architecture,  heritige fabrics, cultural traditions and “the wider world” have been a lifelong inspiration for Payal’s designs.

Driven by the quest for perfection Payal set up an Atelier in New Delhi, India in 2014. Providing a bespoke design service for bridal and women’s evening and occasion wear.

Payal’s ardor and curiosity for design and creativity makes her ensembles unique, exceptional, and offbeat.


It’s been a motivational and satisfying journey so far as an Indian Fashion Label in the UK, curating rich vintage embroideries, handloom and uncustomary fabrics.

We use the texturing and detailing of craft, fusion of styles and embellishments accompanying extremely divergent colours.

Our proficiency is demonstrated in our idiosyncratic designs, eccentric colour pallets, quirky styles, peculiar cuts and modern silhouettes.

These juxtapose the beauty of the craft and the certainty of a fresh approach.